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PLAYLIST - Guitar Hero



Guitar Hero WR - Again (Flyleaf) - 99% Expert Drums


Tocando Again - Flyleaf na bateria. 99% no EXPERT??? Oo - 25/08/2015




Guitar Hero Anos 80 (PS2) Turning Japonese (97% Expert) - 04/01/2016

Mais um GH 80s. Turning Japonese do The Vapors no expert.


Guitar Hero Anos 80 (PS2) Hold On Losely (98% Expert) - 26/10/2015

Primeiro gameplay de Playstation 2 galera. Bora compartilhar o vídeo ae hhahaha Música: Hold On Losely


Savior - Rise Against (Drum) - Wii - 12/10/2015

Mais um musicão na batera do Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock!!! Savior do Rise Against


GH WR - Im Not Ok (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance - Expert Drum - 09/09/2015

Mais um video de Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock na bateria. Bora curtir o som de My Chemical Romance - Im Not Okay (I Promise)


Guitar Hero WR - Bodies / Dance, Dance / No Way Back - DRUM - 09/07/2015

Bora curtir umas musicas na batera??? Bodies - Drowning Pool Dance, dance - Fall Out Boys No Way Back - Foo Fighters


GH Warriors of Rock - How You Remind Me / Thats Wath You Get - 27/01/2015

Hoje eu trago Guitar Hero World Tour na BATERAAAA!!! Oh Yeah! Músicas How You Remind Me - Nickelback Thats Wath You Get - Paramore


GH World Tour - Reeducation Through Labor / Our Truth - 27/11/2014

Hoje o vídeo é um gameplay do game Guitar Hero World Tour na Bateria (Drum).